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Gaylord G Long, El Wino 

 Founder & Legacy

It is with pride and awe that we salute our founder for his years of hard work and personal dedication to the development, implementation and advancement of one of the most intricate diversion systems in the State of California to date.  The Drinking Driver Treatment Programs approved standards and requirements remain current law today based on Gaylord’s initial design: Alcohol/Drug Education, Group Dynamics, Individual Counseling, attendance in a 12-Step Fellowship, Sobriety and importantly participant financial liability.  It was Gaylord’s personal journey and progression with his own alcoholism and ultimately his recovery that inspired him.  The direct measurable outcome of his labor was that hundreds of thousands of lives have been touched, educated, empowered and positively affected.  His desire to treat and empower impacted not only the alcoholic / addict but the family members as well while educating the public whether it was the private or public sector.  His belief was there is no such person as the hopeless, helpless alcoholic/addict.  He never lost sight of the need to treat the individual in his chair with kindness, respect and always without judgment. Gaylord personally demonstrated the value of treatment, education and recovery the journey. He had spent 27 years of “field work” practicing his own disease of alcoholism and he successfully “paid it forward” for 27 years to our community prior to his death. It is with dignity, honor and PRIDE that we, the “High Gain Family” continue his legacy.   Our founder, my father, has “saved you a seat” and left the door open for you to follow in his footsteps…