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prior to sentencing!

You are invited to drop in and do a site visit!



We are a State

Licensed Provider!




Offering assistance

with the Court and DMV!


Eligibility for enrollment is based on the willingness of the participant to accept drinking driver treatment plans, rules and regulations.  The intake appointment and initial screening is a scheduled, confidential appointment with a certified alcohol/drug counselor.    Participants are provided with drinking driver treatment options based on their need of services.  A working rapport and partnership is key to your success.  You are invited to stop by and meet staff and tour the agency. 


To schedule an intake appointment,

please call



Unless you are transferring in, everyone starts in phase I. 

Phase I is our educational phase of the program and

you will be scheduled to attend one of the following classes:


Monday     6:45 pm to 9:45 pm

Tuesday     6:45 pm to 9:45 pm

Thursday      9:30 am to 12:30 pm

Thursday     6:45 pm to 9:45 pm

 Saturday     9:00 am to 12:00 pm

If you have a unique, challenging work schedule,

please bring it in with you so we can assist in a customized schedule. 

Our educator, Dennis

What to expect when you call:


A live person will actually answer the phone!

We will answer ALL of your questions to the best of our ability!

You will be provided a private, confidential enrollment appointment!

You will be treated with dignity and respect!


A DUI can be a traumatic experience.  We offer programs that satisfy the Courts in the State of California,  California Department Motor Vehicles as well as customized per out of State  requirements and provides guidance and support by giving you the knowledge and tools to cope with your situation. Our goal is to guide our clients through a very difficult and often a scary life altering experience.  We know the average person is experiencing shame, FEAR, guilt, confusion and often in need of support and guidance without  judgement as you begin the opportunity to make of  responsible changes.


What you will need to enroll:

  •  Documentation from the Court of Conviction; Court Order, Referral Form and/or
  •  H-6 printout from the Department of Motor Vehicles, Administrative Per Se (APS) Form, DMV Letter and/or
  • Other legal document denoting the need for Drinking Driver Treatment Services

this is required for your protection


Important Link(s):

 California Department of Health Care Services

  California Department of Motor Vehicles                            
 Arrest for Driving Under the Influence DUI General Information

     California Association of Drinking Driver Treatment Programs
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