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We want to hear from YOU!  We believe sharing your opinion and comments are one of the most valuable opportunities we can provide to our participants.  As an Alumni of the ADC High Gain Project, this is your chance to "pay it forward"... Remember that first day?  As someone who has SUCCESSFULLY completed the program, what message would you like to share with the new participants? 




How AM I getting home?

Please pay it forward..

It's a Choice!

The above participant/alumni authorizes the ADC High Gain Project to publish  comments and opinions for public use on the agency's ADC High Gain Project website.  The intended use is for purpose of sharing community prevention information as well as marketing and will be used in standards of good taste.  The info/text may be used in a whole or edited as necessitated by need to be concise.  The ADC High Gain Project reserves the right to remove any and all determined inappropriate content.